April 19, 2006

Renew your passport in may

NO2ID are going to launch a new campaign this evening to try and get as many people to renew their passports early as possible, before it becomes compulsory to get an ID Card with a passport.
  • You have to pay if it is lost.
  • You have to pay if it gets damaged.
  • You have to pay if somebody else steals it.
  • You have to pay if you forget to imform them should your details change.
  • You have to pay when the database is hacked,should your details be changed.
  • You have to pay if some minimum wage clerk simply puts your details in wrong to begin with.
  • You have to pay in total at least £300 to get the damn thing in the first place.
  • Should your details be used for any nefarious purpose once they are stolen from the database, and have no doubts that peoples details will be stolen, then you will end up taking the blaim for things that you didn't do.

Simply so that the government can track your life in the minutest detail, selling that data to whomever they please, and for all this money you actually get nothing. It just makes getting services that you had taken for granted slightly harder to get while affecting benefit fraud, terrorism, or whatever else New Labour is using as the scare story de jour, not one bit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs Longrider and I renewed ours last summer. However, I hope there is a sufficiently high peak in applications for the home office to notice.

6:15 pm  

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